About Us

Why We Are Named "Marketing Side"

In order to be successful in advertising, you need a team that will dive deep into your business and understand its nuances. That’s why we create strategies tailored for our clients’ needs with an in-depth analysis of their current state as well as what they’re looking at next – from digital and traditional marketing techniques all the way down to internal operations! You’re not just hiring a firm to build and manage your website, social media and SEO, you’re expanding, and introducing a whole new department of your business: The Marketing Side.

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Years of Experience

Quality First

Quality touches everything we create, do and deliver. We hold a strong belief that if we focus on the quality of service, everything else will follow.


We brainstorm and deliver new ideas that work for your business. We’re up on all of the relevant changes in our industry that can directly affect you.

Team Work

Collaboration fuels our business. Whether it happens between our employees or clients, we believe collaboration is key to innovation, insight, and engagement.


Sharing information is everyone’s responsibility. We are available you through multiple avenues to ensure the communication lines are always open.

“Cooperation is the thorough conviction that nobody can get there unless everybody gets there.”

Virginia Burden

Transform Your Marketing From Burden To Beneficial

Focus on the tasks and relationships that matter most in your business. We’ll build the tools you need to ensure you never have to choose between offering quality products and services, or an accurate online representation. 

Our Vision

Providing an invaluable marketing department for small business owners.

Our Mission

Creating a seamless relationship with the marketing side of your business.

Our Expert Team

At Marketing Side, our team is your team. Meet the innovative, driven, and creative individuals who power digital marketing at Marketing Side.

Devron Hunt


Devron Hunt has a degree in Business Management and Marketing and has spent the past 10 years working directly with hundreds of business owners throughout North America. He’s been responsible for creating everything from graphic design, web design and Online and print marketing, to creating and managing online ad campaigns through Google and Facebook Ads. Devron is certified in Google Adwords, and knows firsthand that every business is different and requires its own unique approach to successful marketing.

W. S. Christian


Wayne Christian is an IT professional with nearly a decade of design and development experience. His experience and education include an information technology degree and google certifications. Wayne believes strongly in advancing technology and providing optimized solutions. He is a professional who practices ethical business and dedicates himself to maintaining strong business relationships locally and globally.